Binary Puzzles

Binary puzzles are a new type of puzzles. Like Sudokus, they are logical puzzles, but they work with zeros and ones only. Since 2009 they are a real hype in Belgium and the Netherlands and this hype is spreading. 
This site is dedicated to binary puzzles and offers downloadable e-books that you can print.


Binary puzzles consist of a square grid with zeros and ones that you must complete using logical thinking so:
  • all rows and columns contain an equal number of ones and zeros
  • no two rows or two columns are exactly the same
  • no more than two consecutive ones or zeros occur in any row or any column
There is only one valid solution which you can reach through logical thinking. Use the following tips to
solve the binary puzzles:

  • Tip 1: Complete rows and columns 
    Every row and every column needs to have an equal number of ones and zeros, and that's why the row can be completed with two ones: 
    A = 1 and B = 1.

  • Tip 2: Find duos 
    No more than two consecutive ones or zeros are allowed, so every duo of ones or zeros can be completed with the other number:
    C = 1 and D = 1, and E = 0 and F = 0.

  • Tip 3: Avoid trios 
    To avoid trios, add the other number in between two identical numbers: G = 0 and H = 1.

  • Tip 4: Eliminate impossible combinations 
    In the example only one zero can occur in the empty boxes (l-J).The zero cannot be on both I and J because that would lead to a trio of ones in the remaining boxes: I = 1 and J = 1.

  • Tip 5: Rows or columns cannot be identical 
    The rows are identical except if K = 0 and L = 1.